Sunday, May 8, 2016

Leopard sighting at Tadoba National Forest, India

Leopard at Tadoba, India
This post is in continuation to my last post on my recent visit to Tadoba National Forest.

I have never seen a leopard in any of the forests that I have visited so far. This was my first sighting of a leopard and I was thrilled to see the Leopard from such close quarters!

We were waiting near a water body in the Tadoba National Park for quite some time (around 45 min), we kept hearing the warning calls and therefore kept waiting, and we thought a tiger was headed our way. After some time the calls stopped, and for a long time after that it was all quiet.

Just when we were giving up hope, we started hearing the warning calls again, and then suddenly we saw this Leopard emerge out of the forest and  
head straight to the water body to quench its thirst!


rupam sarma said...

Amazing photos

Ranjana Jha said...

Thank you so much, Rupam Sarma.