Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wildlife of Ladakh - Animals & Birds of Ladakh, India

Kiangs,Ladakh, India
I thought I would take a break from ancient architecture for a bit,and post something else today.

I am sharing pictures of animals and birds from Ladakh, courtesy Soma Jha, who was in Ladakh earlier this month.

Some of these are commonly sighted, but the black-necked cranes are special, they are not very often sighted because they come to Ladakh around this time of the year, to breed. Quite a few juvenile black -necked cranes can be sighted during this time. The Great-crested grebe and Bar-headed goose are found near the Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh. The Woolly Hare is found everywhere in Ladakh, but the The Cape Hare is found in the Nubra region only.

Bharal-Blue Sheep-Ladakh,India

Long-tailed Marmot-Ladakh-India
Long-tailed Marmot-Ladakh-India

Woolly Hare-Ladakh-India
Bar-headed Goose- Tso Moriri Lake-Ladakh

Black-necked Crane,Ladakh
Chukar, Ladakh

Tibetan Snowfinch-Ladakh-India
Great Crested Grebe-Tso Moriri Lake-Ladakh

Hill Pigeons-Ladakh
White-winged Redstart,Ladakh-India

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