Sunday, January 29, 2017

Jampui hills in North Tripura is the highest hill range in the state

Jampui hills, Tripura
In continuation with my trip report on the end of day one, we set off for Jampui hils from Unakoti.

Jampui hills is around 60 km from Unakoti in North Tripura district. Located at an altitude of 3500 ft, it is the highest hill range in Tripura.

We  stayed at a Government run tourist lodge in Jampui hills. The pleasant weather combined with the sylvan surroundings made for a delightful experience at Jampui hills. This hill station had some very cute looking houses; most of the population in Jampui hills is made up of the Mizo community. The houses were very nicely lit up and decorated since Christmas was just around the corner.We missed the Orange festival by a month, we came to know that the best time to visit Jampui hills is in November. 

At the end of day two, we halted in a small town called Kamalasagar after a 265 km drive westwards. We stayed at a Government run Tourist lodge (Comilla).

Kamalasagar is named after an artificial lake which was built in the 15th century by King Dhanya Manikya. This place receives a lot of tourists mainly because of the 450 year old Kali temple (Kasba Kali bari) near the lake. The temple now looks pretty new after renovation and painting; I wish they have restored it as is.

Kamalasagar is also very close to the Bangladesh border, and it hosts an India-Bangaldesh border haat (market) where villagers from both countries buy and sell local products.Unfortunately we could not attend a haat while we were there.
Pretty cottages in hills
Christmas in the air!
Jampui hills-view from the lodge
Tribals of Jampui
Kamalasagar Lake
Kasba Kali bari, Kamalasagar, Tripura

Kasba Kali


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