Sunday, December 24, 2017

Photographs of places relevant to Jesus's birth; Merry Christmas:)

Merry Christmas! Wish you a very-very happy Christmas, and a wonderful  year ahead; a year filled with love and joy.
On the occasion of Christmas, I thought of sharing some pictures that are very relevant for this day. These pictures are courtesy Soma Jha.

The Church of Annunciation in the city of Nazareth (in northern Israel) is where Mother Mary lived. This is where the angel Gabriel appeared before Mother Mary to give her the message that she would conceive a child who would grow up to change the world. This church is built over a house from before Jesus was born. It is believed that this is the house where Gabriel appeared before Mother Mary.

The Church of Annunciation in the city of Nazareth
Mother Mary's house

Church of Nativity, Bethlehem (Palestine) is where Jesus was born.Mother Mary(who had already conceived Jesus) and Joseph travelled from Nazareth to Jerusalem (a census had been declared and Joseph had to register his name at Jerusalem). They stopped over at Bethlehem, a short distance away from Jerusalem, since night had fallen. They could not find any accommodation since all the inns were completely full. Jesus was born that night in a stable.
Church of Nativity
Inside Church of Nativity
In the picture below, the Silver Star shown is believed to be the birth place of Jesus. This is one very-very holy place for all Christians

Jesus's birth place
Shepherds told of Jesus's birth

The Church of Shepherd's Field
, Bethlehem, is the place where the angels first announced the birth of Jesus to the three shepherds (who were asked to follow the star over Bethlehem, and go to this place)

Chapel of Shepherd's Field

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