Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Baul Fakir Utsav 2018, Jadavpur Kolkata,India

A Baul song in progress at the Baul Fakir Utsav 2018, Jadavpur
In continuation with my earlier post on Baul Music Festival 2018here is another powerful and spiritual video from the Baul music festival held in Shaktigarh, Jadavpur, Kolkata in January 2018.

The Baul are a group of mystic minstrels from Bengal which includes Indian State of West Bengal and the country of Bangladesh. Bauls constitute both a syncretic religious sect and a musical tradition. Bauls are a very heterogeneous group, with many sects, but their membership mainly consists of Vaishnava Hindus and Sufi Muslims. (From Wikipedia)

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