Thursday, December 18, 2008

Afternoon blues

Afternoons have always been very blue for me:(

Since I was a child...the thought of afternoon would depress me...i guess it dates back to the days when I would come back from school and have my lunch and then do my homework or get some sleep. (Not necessarily in that order) But both the tasks were not my favourites of course.

Play was certainly not allowed:(

I remember looking out of the window and waiting for evening to set in...when everything would feel good...there would be activity (I guess for me activity translated to play) ...and the crows would stop their "caws""caws" at least for a while (the sound would depress me always!)
After so many years, afternoons still has the same effect on me.
At work I barely realize the onset of afternoons so it does not matter.
But when I am at home and if I am alone with no books to read or any good films to watch...I again get into afternoon depression:(

I like mornings, evenings and nights a lot but afternoons...i don't know why...I am still trying to embrace...lets hope it changes that I can enjoy a complete day :)

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