Monday, December 29, 2008

Do you like doing things on your own or do you always prefer company?

There are friends of mine who need someone...even if they need to go to the bank.They find it very odd to be doing things like shopping, eating in a restaurant or any other errands on their own.

While I prefer to do most things on my own. Especially shopping, unless i am with a person who is very like-minded. That's because If I have ten things to buy and I have someone with me who just needs to buy a couple of would really be insensitive of me drag that person along for everything. Unless of course that person really enjoys it...for most people it becomes boring. And I would not be able to shop at ease either...'cause I would be thinking if the other perosn is comfortable giving so much time to me.

It is indeed a pleasure to get company whenever you need depending upon the situation...eating out...watching a film together...but if one can't function without can be tough.
What do you think?

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