Thursday, June 4, 2009

A touching event

Yesterday while coming home from work, an incident touched my heart.
After a long day at work, I was returning home.
Even at 9.30 there was a huge amount of traffic :(

At the end of long days such as yesterday...I just wish to fly back home.

I usually get a chartered bus or share cabs on my way back...yesterday the queue was unusually long.
While standing in the queue and fuming at the lack of proper transport, I suddenly saw a lot of colourful toffees all over the road.

A old man, almost toothless, had dropped the glass jar that contained the toffees that he was selling.
his bag (equally old) gave way:(

There was a huge rush to clear out the toffees…the drivers and many of us around helped him pick up the toffees.
And he kept thanking everyone...

Within no time, I saw people from the queue; people passing by and anyone who witnessed this, come forward and offer him money.
His bag contained everything he owned and the glass jar with the toffees was his only means of livelihood.
I hope he gets himself a new bag and a new jar that brings him bagful and jarful of goodies.
More often than not, I am reminded of how lucky and fortunate I am. And in spite of being so fortunate...I crib:(
Yesterday's incident touched me....because it made me realize that life is good and it is not worth cribbing over things that might not be working out for me.

The spirit of people touched me...everyone went forward and helped him...there was a begger girl (about 10 years old ) holding a toddler...and she too helped in collecting the toffees... and gave all the toffees to him.

I am touched and overwhelmed. And I love Kolkata , and all the people matter how much I crib about traffic jams and other things.

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