Monday, July 26, 2010

A drive on the way to Basanti, Sunderbans, West Bengal, India

Decided to get up very early last weekend....I have been much too lazy:(
Just don't feel like getting up early in the morning. This morning was different however... We got up at around 4.30am and went on a long drive and get into some bird watching. We did not have a very fruitful day bird watching wise...but we enjoyed the drive a lot.

Long tailed Shrike

Ashy WoodSwallow

We did around 100 kms only. There is a lovely stretch from near Science city (in Kolkata) on the way to Basnati (towards Sunderbans) not very lovely to begin with...but gets better when we enter the vicinity of Sunderbans. Water bodies on either side of the road and lots of green. The monsoons making the green greener. I just love the monsoons...

We stopped at small little shops to sip hot tea and munch on hot samosas and jalebis...sometimes these little things make me feel so good...just feel happy to be alive.

Sharing some snaps that we captured during this drive...Long tailed Shrike, Ashy Woodswallows, white throated Kingfisher Hope you enjoy them. Till next time.

White Throated Kingfisher

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