Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tunganath temple, Uttarakhand, India

Tunganath Trek

Some more pictures captured by Soma during her trip to Uttarakhand. The Shiv temple at Tunganath, is one of the five kedars- others being Kedarnath, Madamaheshwar,Rudranath Kalpnath. Tunganath is at an altitude of 12,140 ft and can be reached after a 3 and a half km trek from Chopta. Tunganath temple
Shiv temple at Tunganath
is not as frequented as the temples in the other kedars.

On the way to Tunganath

Bugyal or meadow

According to a popular legend, Pandavas were seeking the blessing of Lord Shiva in order to do penance for their sins of Kurukshetra. Shiva kept avoiding them. While escaping he took the form of a bull, according to the legend, different parts of the bull's body appeared at the five kedars.The bull's hump appeared in Kedarnath, his belly in Madmaheshwar Temple, his limbs appeared in Tungnath, his head made an appearance at the Kalpeshwar Temple and finally his face appeared at the Rudranath Temple. A pilgimage of all the five shrines is considered very holi for Hindus.

Tunganath Trek

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