Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunderbans; beautiful, serene, and wild

Sunrise at Sunderbans, West Bengal
Sharing some pictures from my recent Sunderbans trip. It was very short trip. We left very early around 4am and spent the whole day at Sunderbans. and came back late evening.

The weather was not very encouraging, it kept raining off and on, and that depressed us. But eventually the sun came up, and the day wasn't such a wash out after all!

I guess, because of the weather or perhaps I ran out of luck, this time we were not that lucky; we did not spot a tiger:(
Having said that, Sunderbans never disappoints, just the ride on the boat through the mangrove forests can be extremely therapeutic. This was my second visit to Sunderbans and I wish to go again soon. If you visit West Bengal, Sunderbans should be in your agenda. Sunderbans is so beautiful; the water and greens all around you is so blissful. My bird entusisatic sister, Soma, mananged to get some good close up shots of birds, I am posting some of her pics and mine too!

You can check out my earlier Sunderbans trip report and the Royal Bengal tiger video. We saw this tiger for around 40 minutes! Now I know that we were very lucky to have spotted the tiger then, it is not easy to spot a tiger in Sunderbans.

Black capped Kingfisher Sunderbans
Collared Kingfisher, Sunderbans
West Bengal

Common Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher
Sunderbans, West Bengal

Oriental white eye
Purple rumped
Sunbird, Sunderbans

Beautiful Sunderbans

Water monitor, Sunderbans

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