Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Zanana enclosure,Hampi Karnataka

Happy new year. Wishing everyone a very happy, prosperous, and peaceful year ahead.

This post is in continuation to my earlier posts on my trip to Hampi.

The Zanana enclosure, Hampi
This walled area in the Hampi temple complex, houses the basement of a large palace building, three watch towers, Lotus Mahal, the woman's guards' quarters and a water pavilion.

Basement of  a large palace within the Zanana enclosure
Women's guards quarters, Zanana enclosure, Hampi

Lotus Mahal, Hampi
Carvings on the walls of Lotus Mahal, Hampi

Lotus Mahal (above) -It is a mix of Indian and Islamic architecture. We were not allowed to go inside Lotus Mahal, but this two storied structure is indeed beautiful. I believe this is where King Rama Raya met with scholars.

I have put up the pictures of one of the three watch towers (below)
Women's guards' quarters- This building is interesting, it has no windows; there are only ventilators at the top. Our guide informed us that this quarter was also used by King Rama Raya to keep valuables.

View from Zanana enclosure, Elephant stable at he background
Watch Tower, Hampi

Elephant Stable and Guards quarters, Hampi, Karnataka

Board displaying info on Elephant's stable from Archeological survey of India

Guards quarters, Elephant stable, Hampi

Elephant stable, Hampi

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