Saturday, April 6, 2013

Madhubani paintings and a historical village, Saurath

A wedding scene depicted
on a wall Madhubani style
In continuation to my earlier post on Madhubani paintings, on our way out of the village, we came across several more beautiful Madhubani paintings on the walls of buildings, homes and even huts. I am posting some more of these beauties. I especially like the one on the hut. We also visited a village by the name of Saurath. We wanted to visit Saurath because it has a rich history. This village was earlier known as Saurastra; it was supposed to be a cultural centre. It seems Sita's swayamvar happened in this village! 

Madhubani painting
on a hut

Krishna with Gopis 

This village is also popular because of an age old tradition. Every year during the marriage season maithili brahmins would meet in order to fix the marriage of their daughters and sons. There would be panjikars present who would have the list of generations of maithili brahmins. There is an interesting old Shiva temple in Saurath, I believe the gathering happens near an orchard in that area. It seems though that the popularity of the event has diminished these days.

Old temple in Saurath
Temple interiors

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