Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vaishali in Bihar, India; Lord Buddha announced his approaching nirvana here

From Kesariya we set off for Vaishali. It took us around 1 and a half hours to reach Vaishali by road.

Kolhua which was a part of the ancient city of Vaishali is famous for being the place where Lord Buddha was offered a bowl of honey by a local chief of monkeys. According to Buddhist literature this event is one of the eight most significant events in Gautam Buddha's life. He spent a lot of time here.

This place is also considered to be very significant because Lord Buddha announced his approaching nirvana, and converted a proud dancer, Amrapali, to a nun. Posting some pictures from Vaishali.

On the way from Kesariya to Vaishali we stopped over at a roadside dhaba to have lunch. It was hot and delicious. Just what we needed!
Brick stupas

Asokan pillar, Vaishali
Brick stupa in Vaishali

Asokan Pillar
Inscriptions on the Asokan pillar in Vaishali


Anonymous said...

Nice ranjana but u havnt mentioned a detail info but since it is small so nice...

Anonymous said...

The reason why Lord Buddha declared Kushinagar where he will attained Parinirvana.
1. its the proper venue to preach his Maha-Sudassana Sutta.
2. It is also said that Subhada would visit him during his sermon in Kushinagar and develop his meditation and would become Lord Buddha arrahant.