Saturday, October 12, 2013

Durga Puja 2013: Sandhi puja video

Goddess Durga
Today is the Maha Ashtami day of Durga puja, among other pujas on Ashtami, Sandhi puja happens to be quite a significant puja in Ashtami. Devi Durga is worshiped with 108 diyas, 108 lotus flowers and garlands made of hibiscus and leaves.

I managed to capture a part of the Sandhi puja today. Sandhi puja is supposed to be very significant because it is believed that Durga killed Chando and Mundo the two asuras at this time, and Durga is worshiped in her Chamunda form during Sandhi puja.

Most of the times, Sandhi puja happens around midnight or even later at night. It quite an experience to listen to mantras and the dhaks (drums) during that time of  the night when there is silence all around. Quite a spiritual experience actually!

This time though it was at 3.45pm in the afternoon.

Leaving you with this video, though this video is not very good, the sound of the drums and ambiance really makes it quite an experience. Happy pujas.

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