Thursday, October 10, 2013

Durga Puja 2013

Durga idol
Santoshpur Lake Pally
Today is shasti, and Kolkata is so completely festive. The excitement begins from today! Officially Durga Puja for 2013 begins today but people have been pandal hopping since chaturthi!

So far I have seen just a few Durga puja pandals. I am sharing the pictures of two of my favourite Durga puja pandals so far.

The following set of pictures are from a Durga puja in Patuli in South Kolkata. It is called the Patuli club puja. The pandal is in the shape of a cage and there are birds in  the cage. Each idol is holding a dove, most likely to depict peace.

Patuli club durga puja 2013
Birds in the pandal

A beautiful peacock
Paintings on the pandal

Durga idol Patuli
club 2013
Decorations in the pandal

The below-mentioned pandal is again from South Kolkata, it is called the Santoshpur Lake Pally Durga puja. The pandal is in the shape of a flower and it looks so beautiful and real. The stigma of the flower is so well depicted too.

Santoshpur Lake Pally
Durga puja Pandal
The stigma of the

Decorations inside the
Durga pandal
Durga idol Santoshpur
Lake Pally 2013


Anonymous said...

ohhh seeing ur pics .... i miss pundal hopping so much this year ...happy dussehra :)

Paresh Kale said...

Lovely series of posts !

Ranjana Jha said...


Thanks so much!
Yes, I love pandal hopping and in spite of the rains managed to go a lot of hopping:)

Shubho Bijoya.

Ranjana Jha said...


Thanks so much!