Saturday, January 24, 2015

Diary of a pimply vampire

Not so long ago in a land that was hot and humid there lived a teenage girl, Ranjana.
Like every child in her early teens, she wanted to "belong" and the best way to belong was to
align with her friends. Most of her friends had started getting pimples and some of them were wearing glasses as well. Ranjana used to adore the pimples and glasses because in her eyes pimples and glasses made you look very intellectual. Unfortunately for her, she did not require glasses and pimples were not ready to sprout on her, not yet anyway. She would dream of a day when she would start getting pimples and probably need glasses as well.

Alas, that did not happen for a long time. In the meantime, there was something else that troubled her a lot, and those were her pointy and sharp canines. A slight smile would bring those out much to her embarrassment!

So instead of glasses and pimples, she had to wear braces during her teenage!
However, in spite of the braces, the sharp and pointy canines still remain, perhaps a little less obvious, but very much noticeable:(

Then, all of a sudden in her early twenties, the pimples came, and they attacked her with vengeance!
She did not really need those pimples then. That was the time to have flawless and beautiful skin!
Far from looking nice, her face always had those red and angry pimples. More so, especially when she had to attend a special occasion...almost without fail, one of those scary, red pimples would sprout up right on top of her nose! Ahh.... poor thing...

As a survival tactics, she decided to make fun of herself. She would tell everyone that pimples were her best friend and no one would mess with her because of her pimples and sharp canines made her look aggressive and intimidating! One day she jokingly told her brother not to pull her leg too much; after all she had canines and could bite if needed! It became a standard joke among her friends, they would say something and always follow it by "don't bite" please!

Then came Retino-A, while it did take away those irritating and depressing pimples but the after effect made her skin very dry. Life was tough, in order to get rid of pimples, the pimples had to be treated but the treatment made her skin look uneven, reddish, and blotchy! However, Retino- A was a God sent; it did get rid of the pimples by and large and did remove the scars. Garnier's neem face wash, coupled with Retino A, finally managed to keep the pimples at bay!

It was her brother who nick-named her the pimply vampire!
He said "No one can be intimidated by you, in fact, far from it; you are just a pimply-vampire! And on top of that you are a vegetarian!

Meanness personified!!!

She is still called the pimply vampire, a nick-name that will remind her of pimples forever, the faithful friend she loves to hate!

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