Thursday, January 1, 2015

Unconditional love

Happy New Year!

I would like to start this year by sharing an experience that left me feeling very loved and happy.

I wish to dedicate this post to our dog Jojo. We lost Jojo last October. My husband had got him home when he was a few months old. Jojo lived for 11 years, and my husband and he were the best of friends. In fact, I came into my husband’s life much later than Jojo.To Jojo, I was always someone younger and not to be taken as seriously as his master. We did have a tough time adjusting to each other in the beginning. I think it was more difficult for him, not only did Jojo have to get used to having a permanent member in the house, but he also had to get used to getting less time from his master because of me!

Whenever my husband and I sat next to each other, he would immediately make room for himself between us and park himself there. So sweet... I still can’t forget those days. He did manage to start liking me after a few months, Jojo changed from being indifferent /intolerant (he would pee in our bedroom and do all kinds of things to irritate me) to becoming loving and sweet towards me.

My experience last week reminded me so much about Jojo. 

Last week I had such as sweet encounter that I simply can’t get it out of my mind. I was returning from work, it was a bit late (around 9 pm), so I decided to give my parents a surprise visit; they are just 25 minutes walking distance from my office. With winter setting in, the weather was just perfect for a nice brisk walk.

After walking for a while I noticed a dog trailing me, I am fond of dogs and usually stray dogs follow around for a while in the hope of some food I guess. They usually follow you for a while and move on.
 By now the roads were getting a bit deserted, with the pavements all dug up for repairs, I had little option but to walk on the road. A little distance away I noticed the same dog, this time he was ahead of me. And he was using the pavement :( more sensible than me. He seemed to have stopped, the moment I crossed him he started walking again, and after a while I saw him again, he was a little ahead of me and peering from between the railings of the pavement. I thought he was waiting for something but the moment I reached that point he started walking again. Typically dogs do not leave their territory (maybe his territory was this, who knows). I was worried that other dogs will start chasing him away. He kept doing this for the entire journey, he kept walking ahead of me and then waited for me, his expression was "I am right here, don't worry, you are not alone"
We reached a nice camaraderie by then; I had a walking companion, a silent one, but so expressive. After every few minutes, I thought he would go back since it was quite a long distance away. But he kept on walking a little further ahead and continued to give me company. Upon reaching my destination, I saw a tea shop that was still open and I quickly went into the shop to buy some biscuits for him. I turned around to look for him, but he had disappeared. I kept looking for him because I really wanted to give him something to eat. Like almost all stray dogs, he looked starved.
I don't know why he kept me company for the entire walk, it could be food, but he did not hang around long enough for that!

Hopefully I will meet him again.

This lovely experience has left me feeling so good but puzzled as well. I wish I could have given him something in return for his quiet and loving companionship. Dogs are unconditional in their love and this truly is one such instance.

I wish you a new year full of such wonderful instances of unconditional love, happiness, and most of all kindness. Have a terrific new year ahead.


Indrani said...

That is some unexplainable experience you had, very sweet.
Happy New Year!

Ranjana Jha said...

@ Indrani, Yes indeed. Thanks so much.A very happy new year to you.