Saturday, June 27, 2015

Eiffel Tower by the day and Night

Eiffel Tower at night
Paris has been on my dream destination list for as long as I remember. And it was such a wonderful experience to be able to make it to Paris, finally! 

Although, I soon realized during my short trip to Paris that there is so much to see in Paris alone, that a three day trip will not do justice:(  I will need to go back to Paris again. I did manage to see some of the places that I have been wanting to, and Eiffel tower was one of those places of course.

 I loved Paris. This was my first solo travel to Europe and it was so wonderful! 

The very thought of travelling and seeing new places ...keeps me going:) 

Eiffel tower
Eiffel Paris

Eiffel at night

View of Paris from Eiffel Tower
Night view of Paris 


Somali K Chakrabarti said...

Nice shots Ranjana.

The Tales of a Traveler said...

Beautifully captured ... have not been to Paris yet but have longing to visit for so long :)

Sabyasachi Patra said...

Looks like you were mesmerised by the Eiffel tower, and rightly so. I have seen such reactions in many other people.

Ranjana Jha said...

@ Somali, thanks so much!
@ Tales of a Traveler, Thanks, it is indeed worth a visit.
@ Sabyasachi, yes I was... visiting Paris was something that I have wanted since I was a child, and when it happened, it left me truly mesmerized...