Sunday, June 7, 2015

Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim, India

Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim
Gurudongmar lake in North Sikkim, India, is considered to me one of the most sacred lakes in Sikkim. It also happens to be one of the most sacred Buddhist places of worship and is protected.

The lake gets its name from Guru Padmasambhava (the founder of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism) who visited this lake during the 8th century AD on his way to Tibet. A portion of the lake does not freeze during winter and the belief is that Guru Padmasambhava touched that part of the lake so that drinking water could be available to the local people throughout the year. This was a huge blessing for the people.

Gurudongmar also happens to be one of the highest lakes in the world. It is located at a height of  17,800 ft. The closest tourist accommodation can be found at Lachen which is around 3 hours distance away from the lake. One can reach Lachen via Gangtok. It will take around 6 hours to reach Lachen from Gangtok. The closest railhead is NJP and the nearest airport is Bagdogra near Shiliguri. There are special permits required to enter North Sikkim, the tourist operators can help with the permits.

The lake is stunningly beautiful; it is out of the world. The entire landscape adds a mystic air to it. There is a small all faiths temple near the lake where you will find monks meditating, and is open for all. This beautiful place is like a piece of heaven on earth.

I am posting pictures of this beautiful lake captured by Soma Jha.

Gurudongmar, North Sikkim
Gurudongmar in May

Around the lake
Around the Gurudongmar lake

The terrain looks a lot like Ladakh
The All faiths temple in Gurudongmar


Somali K Chakrabarti said...

Gurudongmar Lake presents a pristine picture.

roopz said...

Heaven is here I feel :)

Village Girl

Sweet said...

I visited twice...and tgis is indeed heavenly...but the stories all change with the guardians of the lake ...

Amit Agarwal said...

Amazing! Great post Ranjana:) And fabulous captures, Soma:) Thank you!

Sri Kri said...

Really a piece of heaven on Earth.Truly mesmerising. Thanks for sharing.

Ranjana Jha said...

@Somali @ Roopz, yes, I agree, it feels like heaven.

@ Sweet, yes, there are quite a few stories regarding this is a beautiful lake..and the stories lend it a mystical feel.

@Amit, thank you so much, I will let Soma know:)

Sri Kri said...

Really a piece of heaven on earth.

Anonymous said...

Two ruddy shelduck in your photos too

Ranjana Jha said...

Yes, that's correct...thanks!